Ship Building

Azzam Oilfield Supply and Services have promoted and extended its best on the Marine and Offshore projects. Over the last few decades, Marine, Offshore, Onshore, Inshore, Oil, and Gas industries have been significantly transformed to its higher growth. In part to the change in trends of market, the demand for highly capable and specially designed vessels have also increased.

Motivated by the belief on contribution and commitment to UAE in country values, Azzam plus shipbuilding services idea was put forward by our senior core team. We are very privileged to be on the implementation stage of the said project. Upon the execution, Azzam plus will be a high profile investment project which adds value to the nation.

The prime goal of Azzam is to provide all required functionalities in backing the UAE National Marine and Offshore sector productions. By utilizing the most modern designs according to the latest rules and regulations of the International Marine Organization and Classification Society. We are incorporating objectives to afford and modify vessels which will satisfy all the anticipated and upcoming requirements with high levels of efficiency, sustainability, and liberty.

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