Where We Invest

Azzam oilfield supply and service company invest mainly in Oil & Gas Field Industries and Marine Companies (Oil & Gas, Marine Products, its services, and technologies). Azzam Oilfield Supply and Services invests in all Oil & Gas, Marine commodities and all geographies where value-creation opportunities exist.

We consider investments in

  • Oil & Gas field companies where a value catalyst is projected within the short to medium term.
  • Producing assets particularly those which have expansion or optimization opportunities.
  • Development stage companies where cash flow generation is expected within a modest period of time.
  • Turnaround situations – when troubled, under-appreciated or over-looked businesses look to realize their potential.
  • Acquisition finance – where management has identified an opportunity and needs financial backing and transaction expertise.

In addition to primary reserves, Azzam Oilfield Supply and Services also invests in Oil & Gas Field products, its services, and technologies; also for the Marine vessels and sectors.

As investors in products, services, and technology, we look for the following potential in opportunities:

  • Oil growth, including geographic expansion and entry into new markets.
  • Development of new or disruptive Oil & Gas products and related technologies.