How We Invest


Azzam Oilfield Supply and Services mainly invests in equity, either alone or with like-minded co-investors. In equity situations, partners maximize their leverage to Azzam’s strengths.

  • Azzam partners are entitled to make use of our team of professionals on a range of value-accretive projects.
  • Azzampartners can take comfort in our long-term fundamentals-based approach to equity investing.
  • To fully align interests with management teams, Azzam Oil Field Supply and Services pay attention to incentives with rewards which is strongly levered to performance, including shareholder returns.
  • Azzam can deploy equity capital in a wide range of scenarios, including:
  •    Block sales & capital raises.
  •    Buyouts and tender offers.
  •    Restructurings.
  •    Asset disposals and Joint Ventures.
  •    Warrants and options.

Debt structures and product streams

  • Azzam  Oilfield Supply & Services invests in a variety of debt structures, including mezzanine instruments, convertibles, and debt & warrant packages.
  • Azzam is flexible and innovative in terms of its debt investments, allowing growth projects to be developed and optimizations to be implemented, even when economic conditions are unfavorable.
  • Such structures are attractive to companies with high‐risk, high‐reward projects where conventional equity or debt markets are difficult to access.
  • Azzam also invests in royalties and product streams.
  • Azzam offers financing packages linked to future product streams from developmental projects.
  • Azzam is also able to acquire existing product streams from producing operations, allowing companies to monetize future cash flows.
  • Such transactions provide alternative financing routes to dilutive equity issuances or difficult‐to‐service debt.
  • Streaming deals can be highly value‐accretive for companies, particularly in markets