Ship Chartering

Ship Chartering

Azzam oilfield supply and services have an organized fleet consisting wide range of vessels to meet any types of requirements by the customer. This dedicated approach of initial investment has enabled the organization to satisfy the customers with their varying needs at the right time.

Fleet includes

  • High-end specialty offshore support vessels
  • Tankers
  • General cargo ships
  • Towing boats and barges
  • Bulk carriers

Azzam oilfield supply and service’s conceptual chartering enables us to deliver various models of high-quality vessels to our regional customers. The time charter option provided by Azzam is a perfectly tailored one if the priorities are subjected on upfront investment cost and in return, as we furnish our customer needs with the best solution with an efficient management including crews, provisions on board, safe and smooth operation etc. Once a customer is into this system, it would be what they exactly required to match their needs.

In order to be in loyal to the customers, Azzam oil field and supply services also offer a chance to enhance profitability to their clients without upfront investment, by a chartering system of Bareboat to meet their needs on operating the well-maintained vessel.